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Low Libido Solutions for Women:
From Herbs to Testosterone

Both physical and emotional factors can affect a women’s libido including hormonal imbalances caused by perimenopause. Symptoms of perimenopause include hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings and weight gain. The good news is if you can get your hormones back in balance, your libido will often return as well.

However, perimenopause can also indicate a drop in estrogen which can create thinning, tightening and dryness in the vulva and vagina. These changes can lead to discomfort and pain during sex. In these cases, Dr. Maurice Leibman can work with you on a treatment plan that may include a change in your diet, nutritional supplements or herbs.

In some case, Dr. Leibman may also prescribe vaginal estrogen. Vaginal estrogen is available as a table or cream form and contains a low dosage of estrogen. The cream is applied in vaginal area (or inserted if the tablet form is used).

Vaginal estrogen is generally used to treat vaginal dryness, itching and burning.

Stress and Low Sex Drive

When emotional problems block a women’s libido, stress is often the culprit. The body naturally puts survival ahead of pleasure and when doing so, it often robs the body of estrogen and testosterone, which are vital to desire and sexual response.

Women who have had their uterus or ovaries removed may also have low levels of testosterone and suffer from low libido. In both these cases, treatments including natural herbs and testosterone can help bring levels back to normal.

But stress isn’t the only emotional libido-zapper. For some women, losing their libido has to do with psychological reasons such as:

Not feeling attractive.
Believing sex is not appropriate for their age group.
Sexual trauma from the past.
Intimacy issues in their personal relationship.

In cases such as this, some psychological consulting may be needed to help get the passion back.

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