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Michelle Nguyen, B.S., L.E.

I am Michelle Nguyen, a licensed aesthetician who holds a BS degree in Environmental Science with a background in pharmaceutical education as well as nutrition and certified Corneotherapy. My passion is the core to help other feels confident, healthy in their skin through nutrition, lifestyles and education.

In my office, I apply corneotherapy, which is remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense systems.

The “father of Corneotherapy:” Professor Albert Klignan speaks of this as an outside-in therapy whereas “outside” is ther stratum corneum, and “in” are the therapeutic effects starting in the stratum corneum and working their way into the deeper skin layers.

As the name suggests, Corneotherapy is closely related to Corneobiology , which is the physiological biologic and biochemical processes of the stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the epidermis.

The methodology and skin treatment of Corneotherapy prserves the integrity of the epidemis at all times. This means that it is primarily directed to correcting and building skin barrier defenses that have been rendered defective or impaired by disease, genetics, and a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and psychological, external insults and stresses.

Applying Corneotherapeutic principles have been shoe to restore homeostasis and improve function of the entire integument; protecting against harmful substances and microorganisms that can trigger abnormal conditions.

I offer wide variety of customizable services for clients after carefully studying each client’s skin. Each treatment is a true labor of love and care for the well being of every client, as well as the reflection of my philosophy that beautiful skin can be accomplished through physical and mental health wellness.

I specialize in facial and body skin care by using wholistic, organic treatments such as gua sha, which revitalizes your skin through blood flow to the tissue planes of the body and face. It is surprising what good circulation can do to the health and firmness of your skin. By studying the texture, color and moisture of skin, I am able to create unique treatments to bring your skin back to its youthful self. I concentrate a holistic approach by figuring out what the root cause is, not just the outer problem.

Skincare is very important and shouldn’t be missed in your daily routine. I exclusively carry Dermaviduals, which is daily skincare treatment. Unlike other skincare products that just sit on top of the skin, Dermaviduals follows the principle of Corneotherapy, which mimics skin structure and function. It is free from surface-active substances, perfumes and fragrance. Their Dermal Membrane Structure base creams and gels deliver bioidentical ingredients in the proper amounts and ratios to mimic the outer skin barrier and easily iterate with your individual needs for comfortable beautiful skin.

10% of on products and $30 for new clients on any services.

Beautémed Spa Menu of Services


Hydro-dermabrasion infused with therapeutic serums to enhance skin's elasticity. Treatment is personalized to tailor your individual skin's needs. $195

Derma Clear For Oily/ Dry

Customize nano-particles and actives serums. $150

Derma Calm, Nourish or Medi

Customize special serums for rosacea or skin barrier disorders to realignment of the lipid bilayers to regain stability of the stratum corneum. $150

Derma Anti-Aging “turn back time”

This treatment will improve skin tone, color, texture and support structural integrity. Customize nanoparticles serum for this treatment. $150

Derma White, Lightening & Brightening

This treatment is to improve skin tone and color by decreasing hyper pigmentation in conjunction with a full pigmentation home care regime. Specific extracts are introduces to inhibit tyrosinase and formation of melanin as well as liposomal encapsulation increases the effect of this treatment. $150

Dermal Lift Microcurrent Therapy “Non-Surgical Facelift”

Combined with Dermaviduals actives, this treatment provides deep hydration, proteins for the skin to stimulate renewal while plumping out lines and wrinkles and tightening lax skin. $140

Clinical Facial Treatments

Advanced cell stimulation – $250

Skin tag treatment – $75+

About Dermaviduals

Derma membrane structure creams contain phosphatidylcholine, ceramics, phytosterols, moisturizers, and triglycerides and squalane which together soothes, tightens, hydrates, and prevents TEWL. 

Dermavidual products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes, silicones, PEGs and mineral oils that may cause sensitivities, inflammation, or dryness. 

Accepted Insurances

We accept most major insurances. We verify each patient's insurance plan prior to appointment. If the plan is not on the list, we will verify the network status. Please contact the medical office for all insurance related questions.

About the Practice

Maurice Leibman, MD & Associates provides women in the Houston, Texas area with the highest quality gynecological care in a patient-friendly environment. The team is led by Maurice Leibman, MD, MSc, FACOG, NCMP, who has more than 30 years of experience in women’s health care and has been selected to be part of the Best Doctors of America database that includes just the top 4% of US doctors.

Conveniently located in the Town & Country Village Mall in Houston’s Energy Corridor, Dr. Leibman offers modern gynecological treatments along with holistic approaches to help women manage menopause, endometriosis, vaginal pain, PMS, low libido, and incontinence – among many other gynecological problems. Maurice Leibman MD & Associates does not handle obstetrics, so they can focus on all other women’s specific health needs.

The practice is dedicated to exceptional patient satisfaction. Staff members, not an automated system, answer all calls and same- and next-day appointments are often available, especially in urgent cases.

The practice takes pride in running on time. With no double booking, patients rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes to see a provider. Dr. Leibman takes care of each patient and spends one-on-one time with women at every appointment. Patients make an appointment for their gynecological care and symptoms by calling the office or using the online tool.


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