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Maurice Leibman, MD Concierge Program

My exclusive concierge program is designed to address all of your women’s wellness needs—from gynecological care to general health and wellness—in an environment that is welcoming, personal and progressive. Compassion and service is at the heart of what we do. There is no substitute for a doctor who truly knows you and can offer the conphrehensive care you deserve.

Exceptional and Convenient Service and Care

• A comprehensive patient history and physical examination that will also include health risk appraisals and lifestyle counseling
• Extended, relaxed office visits
• Appointments that generally start on time
• Same day or next day appointments
• Direct availability to me after hours via cell phone
• A private dedicated office phone number
• Enhanced advocacy with specialists
• Secure, HIPAA compliant email via patient portal
• Electronic & printed newsletters
• A portable USB memory device to carry your medical information
• Pelvic floor rehab with muscle stimulation and biofeedback for weak bladders
• State of the art NMR particle count testing for cholesterol

Exceptional and Convenient Service and Care

My concierge program includes total health, wellness and nutrition programs such as:

Comprehensive Patient History and Physical:
Good health and beauty starts with good information. My concierge program allows me the time to take a comprehensive patient history and perform a complete physical examination that exceeds what a typical physical would cover. My physical includes comprehensive health risk assessment, individual caloric requirement assessment and advice as well as fitness counseling.

Health and Wellness:
The modern experienced concierge gynecologist of today is uniquely positioned and trained to take care of the modern woman. As a member of my concierge program, you will receive routine gynecological care plus additional services such as cardiovascular screening, cancer screening, vaccinations, osteoporosis treatment and genetic testing as necessary. I also offer weight management support, including DNA testing to help guide you towards a more appropriate weight management solution—one that is tailored to you as an individual based on your genetics.

Gynecological Care:
With over thirty-five years of experience, I specialize in a sensitive and progressive approach to the long term health of all my female patients. This unique approach to medical care and lifestyle counseling helps you achieve long-term health and wellness. As a concierge patient, you can be sure I will provide you with expert, unhurried care in a comfortable practice known for using the most advanced procedures with the latest medical technology.

Functional Wellbeing:
I will assess your need for functional testing in gastrointestinal, hormonal and cardiovascular health. Rather than focusing on only one element, like diet or cholesterol, I can take the extra time to counsel you on how to address the full range of lifestyle and metabolic factors essential to disease prevention. With the proper care and attention, you can reverse diseases, particularly heart disease, the number one killer in the world.

Patient Advocacy:
As a member of my concierge program, you will have peace of mind knowing that I will be there to help you navigate the tests and treatment plans from specialists you see outside of my office. My staff and I will help you secure appointments, explain the recommended tests and results and most importantly, help you make medical decisions in the context of your whole health history.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation:
For many women, looking fit and healthy on the outside is just as important as it is on the inside. I offer my concierge members a 15% discount on Botox and fillers. Our in-house licensed, and experienced aesthetician, Michelle Nguyen, L.E. offers a range of facial treatments. Our patients LOVE her!

Total Health and Wellness:
What do you most love to do? Travel? Spend time with your children or grandchildren? Shop with friends? Play golf? Without good health, energy and peace of mind, you can’t truly enjoy all the activities you love. Your health is the most important investment you have. My exclusive concierge program ensures all of your wellness needs are met conveniently and carefully, from primary care to gynecological care.

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